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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Hello! I would like to personally invite you to a ROOM TOUR of my office space at the 20th Floor of Makati City Hall. I would also like to share with you one of my advocacies. It has been my desire for our Team to practice Zero Waste Management in our office and help save the environment in our own little way.

Zero Waste Workplace.

Source: @egyecoland

We can also call our workplace an Eco-Office wherein employees instill green culture in their lives and intentionally practice Zero Waste Management in the office. Isasapuso ang pangangalaga sa ating Kalikasan at ito ay magiging adhikain ng mga empleyado sa opisina. 

Our simple Zero Waste Pantry at Makati City Hall.

Ang bawat isa ay mahalaga sa larangan ng pangangalaga ng ating Kalikasan. Sa opisina pa lang, marami na po tayo pwedeng gawin upang mabawasan ang basura sa ating Lungsod. Tayo ay mag-REUSE ng mga gamit tulad ng Ceramic Mugs o kaya Steel Tumblers at umiwas nang gumamit ng mga single use plastics. 

Source: @ecoclick


Let us start with the Pantry! In order to lessen waste in the office, we decided to use reusable and refillable Glass Containers for our Coffee, Creamer, and Sugar. 

Let us also support our local Farmers by purchasing local coffee beans. #SupportLocal

Aside from loving the environment by using sustainable eco-jars, we also prioritize the welfare of the Employees by using Brewed Coffee as our a healthier alternative to instant Coffee. Current fave is Coffee from Sagada. As their Overseer in the Office, I aim to provide a nurturing work environment for my staff.

Coconut Coir Donut Scourer by Ritual Store along Arnaiz Avenue Makati City to wash our Mugs with. Balik tayo sa dati.

Did you know that the scrubs we buy from the market are actually made of plastic? To promote good health for our employees, we decided to  use Coconut Coir Donut Scourer to wash our mugs with. Because it is sturdy, we can also save money.


We also try our best to segregate our trash in the office wherein we have a trash bin for our Biodegradables and another separate trash bin for our Non-Biodegradables. We also make sure that we also use oxo-biodegradable trash bags. 

Trash Cans should always be clean.

We also have the Makati City Ordinance on Solid Waste Management which can properly guide us in caring for our City.

I pray that we will efficiently and effectively incorporate waste management in our daily routine not just in the office, but also in our homes. By God's help, let us all lead by example. Let us all REUSE, REDUCE, AND RECYCLE! Together, we can save Mother Earth and make a great impact in the lives of people.


The first time I saw my office, I hurriedly scribbled design ideas on how to make the office look more nice and presentable. I humbly asked GSD to take out the other furniture because it is easier to design with a blank canvass. I'm also grateful to the Department Head of General Services Department, former Coun. Arnold Magpantay for my newly painted walls.

Since I took up Interior Design classes at the Philippine School of Interior Design, it was a joy for me to take up this challenge of fixing my new office. Considering the size of the space alloted to us, having bulky furniture will not be a wise move. I brought in few pieces of new office furniture to help in turning my room into a simple, elegant, and classy office space. They say that your office represents you.

Before and After Photos of my Office Desk.

New Office Desk from City Hall. Black Chair bought from SM.

Aside from wanting to make it Pinterest pretty, I also wanted to be more intentional in conserving energy. I designed it in a way wherein I can utilize the big windows as my main light source. During the day, I try to refrain from using my flourescent lights in the office and use them when it is only needed.

Beautiful view of the beautiful city I serve.  

In loving memory of my Father who served the people of Makati wholeheartedly for 11 years as their duly elected City Councilor.

Plaque of Recognition for Councilor Tosca Puno-Ramos as Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs of the Makati Cooperative Development Council (MCDC) for six years.


Since we love the Environment, we just had to put a nice pot of succulents in the office. Plants have a calming effect and they also contribute in cleaning the air.  


Aside from being so beautiful, succulents are also low maintenance. Madali lang po siya alagaan kaya perfect po siya sa opisina. Once a week lang po ito didiligan. In this light, it would also be marvelous for every household in Makati to cultivate a small garden or plant at least one tree given they have space in their backyard. When my Dad was still alive, it was one of his desires to push for this initiative. Praying for a greener Makati! Tayo na at magtanim ng PUNO!🌳

Before and After Photos of the Coffee Nook.

The Coffee Nook is ready with your Brewed Coffee!


I have been so inspired in designing the Office because I wanted to create a healthy work space for all of us and a presentable office for those whom we serve.

Creating a comfortable work space for the staff and providing them what they need in order for them to efficiently discharge their duties, has been one of my goals! It is a must!♥️

"A quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. It’s essential that employers take the physical work environment of their employees into consideration. Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work." Allan Kholl, 

For nine years as a City Councilor, my office had twenty five staff members (Five Coterminous & Twenty Casuals) and for this new term, we only have Five Coterminous as staff members.

Given this challenge, we are more determined to become better and wiser public servants. By God's grace, we will courageously serve the people of Makati with excellence. It is a privilege to lead and encourage the staff to new ventures and new learnings that would help them grow and become better Leaders. What a blessing to overcome hills and valleys alongside them with God's Power. 

Thankful to one of my Mentors for reminding me that we are not here to be served but we are here to serve others and not to laud our authority over them. We are mandated by law to prioritize the welfare of the people of Makati and we are commanded by God to forgive and to love. Praying that we could all work together for the good of this City! I declare blessings to the City of Makati!♥️

Thanks for reading Entry 4! Please do not hesitate to contact us for your concerns or if you are in need of assistance! You may reach us through email or you may call us at office number (02) 8701172

Blog by: Councilor TOSCA PUNO-Ramos

Hope you enjoyed the Eco-Office Room Tour!

Please don't miss exciting Entry 5!❤ #NextJourney

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