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Stay Safe In Style

Our Brand just launched Tosca Handcrafted Contemporary last July 17, 2020; wherein one can find out of the box products that are fun, creative, useful, pretty, and fashionable.

Since we are all in the middle of the worldwide Covid Pandemic, our Brand wanted to come up with products that all of our esteemed Muses and Clients can use to address the current situation in style! It is our desire and mission to meet your need and make it available in the Market.

By God's grace, we have introduced our Designer Face Mask Strap that will prevent the back of your ears from hurting due to the garters of your Face Mask. All of them are hand-sewn and sterilized with UV light. Tosca Handcrafted Contemporary uses premium Fabric and Buttons. They are all washable and definitely sustainable. Our Packaging is eco-friendly too!

We have also been receiving great reviews with our Hand Sanitizer Necklace. This has also been so helpful when multitasking and while doing errands. No need to get your Hand Sanitizer from your Bag every time which minimizes movement and effort. So convenient and definitely stylish and pretty!

Just like you, our Brand would like to be part of the solution. We also believe that we can do greater things together!

Aside from providing Designer Solutions, it has been our Advocacy to help our Frontliners and continue to provide jobs for our Delivery Drivers. Thank you for making this possible!

We are truly grateful for your love and support. You may continue to show your love and support by liking our Facebook Page TOSCA Handcrafted and by following us at Instagram @toscahandcrafted & @toscahandcraftedcontemporary. Of course, we would love to hear from you and stay connected with you! You may send us a message through these Social Media Accounts. Together, let us stay safe in style! Tosca Handcrafted is here for you! đź’•