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Can City Councilors still be good public servants even without Committee Chairmanships?♥️


During our Session last July 5, 2019; there was an election of Officers of the Sanggunian. We also had the election of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Members of the different Standing Committees of the Makati City Council. 

After the election, all members of the Majority had their own Committees to chair while the Councilors belonging to the minority bloc which consists of five members; four of them devoid of Committee Chairmanships and three out of five without participation as members of any standing committee. It was only the Liga President who was elected to Chair a Committee. 

Honestly, I felt sad but on the other hand I still chose to be thankful to God because I know He allowed it...♥️ I'm also thankful that Coun. Bel was elected as the Chairperson of the Committee on Barangay Affairs being the current Liga President. It is also mandated by law for the Liga President to assume the position of ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. 

"DILG also quoted Section 494 of RA 7160, or the Local Government Code of 1991. Section 494 provides that duly elected presidents of the liga at the municipal, city and provincial levels, including component cities and municipalities of Metro Manila, shall serve as ex-officio members of the sanggunian."

"Ex Officio Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, shall be assured of their respective chairpersonship of the Committees which they represent." IRP Sangguniang Panlungsod of Makati July 2019-June 2022

Congrats Coun. Bel! Congratulations to all those who were elected!♥️ 

During Recess.

Can City Councilors still be good public servants even without Committee Chairpersonships?♥️ 

Of course yes!♥️ It is like asking, can we still be good citizens even if we do not have positions in government. Given that we did not choose not to have Committee Chairmanships, we can still choose to make the most of what God has entrusted to us. 

According to Prof. Gonzales of NCPAG-UP from our 4-day Crash Course at City Hall; he said, "Hindi lang po paggawa ng batas ang tungkulin ng isang Konsehal." 

As your City Councilors, we should put the welfare of the people of Makati first in everything that we do. With this thought, I would also like to take into heart the welfare of my colleagues in the City Council including the Leaders of our City. Maaari naman po naming suportahan ang mga magagandang batas na ipapasa ng aming mga kasamahang Konsehal para po sa ikabubuti ng mamamayan ng Makati.


Aside from making laws, we are also mandated by law to make sure that the appropriation of funds or the people's money are done justly through due process. We can also actively support stakeholders in making sure that laws are being implemented for the good of the City! 

Councilors can also promote the general welfare of the people of Makati through just Regulation, non-oppresive Revenue Generation, nonpartisan Legislative Oversight, above par Review of Barangay Ordinances and through being a just Quasi-Judicial body.

I have much respect to the Leaders of this City. 

I have always believed that the Minority bloc's job is not to go against the current Leadership, but to always give a voice to those who needed it. Having the Minority bloc and giving them an opportunity to contribute for the greater good definitely celebrates Democracy. This is what I love about Parliamentary Rules, it gives order and fairness through systematic procedures to achieve a goal to benefit the people. What a privilege to be one of those voices for the people of Makati City!

By God's grace, I will do my best to always put the interest of the people of Makati first and most importantly administering God's mandate in everything! I believe it is one of the reasons why the people voted for us and it is for us to lead them in a manner glorifying to God with much love, humility, and respect for others.

Quote from Pinterest.


Here is another milestone in my life because for the first time, I became Minority Floor Leader. Only the Minority bloc can elect among themselves who will be the Minority Floor Leader. I thank all my co-councilors and most especially the minority bloc for the trust and confidence that they have given me. Most importantly, I thank God for this God-appointed assignment. By God's grace, sisipagan ko pa po! 

During the nine years I have been a Councilor; I have been the Committee Chairperson of Tourism, Finance, and Cooperatives. Even though I don't have my own Committee to chair this term, I'm thankful to be a member of all committees due to my election as Minority Floor Leader by the Minority bloc. The Minority Floor Leader assumes the position of ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

Minority Floor Leader: 

"He/she shall also act as an Ex-Officio Member of all the standing committees of the Sanggunian." IRP Sangguniang Panlungsod of Makati July 2019-June 2022

On the other hand, Coun. Boyet Cruzado, Coun. Leo Magpantay and Coun. Aspi Aspillaga do not have their own Committees to chair and do not hold any position in any Standing Committee. I truly admire how the minority bloc respected the majority and the head of the Sanggunian during the election. They displayed humility and courage. Two thumbs up!😊


We are all different. We all come from different experiences that pretty much molded who we are today. Regardless of who we are, what we have gone through or what we are currently going through, respect for every human being should still be given. Despite how we are treated in life, it is still our choice on how to respond. We can still choose to be nice to everyone and be a good public servant for God's glory!♥️ Let us rely on the Lord kaya tuloy lang po ang serbisyo!♥️ Thank you guys for reading!❤

Editor's Note: 

This post was originally posted in July 6, 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Three Term Councilors 😘

Blog by: Councilor TOSCA PUNO-Ramos

Hope you enjoyed Blog Post Entry 3!

I might have something to share already for Entry 4!😘 #NextJourney

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