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Beauty With Purpose: Tosca Handcrafted Goes Green

Green Livelihood is definitely IN! As Tosca Handcrafted goes Green, we are more excited than ever as we launch this amazing Advocacy alongside our brand. There are so many Champion Influencers that support the Zero Waste Movement and we are happy to jump on the Bandwagon.

How do we do it? We are determined to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. We can start by using Eco-Friendly Packaging, reusing boxes & recycled paper for shipping, repurpose Jewerly, and lessen our use of plastics. Regardless of starting small or on a large scale, it's still a start of something good. I want to be part of it and contribute in saving the Environment in my own unique way. I believe it starts from every committed individual. It can start with you and me, my dear friend. I follow Influencers and Champions that promote such an amazing Advocacy. They inspire me and provide insights on how to make it a lifestyle.

Bringing your own Tumbler spares the Environment from hundreds and thousands of plastic bottle litter.

We support sustainable Green Livelihood. In this light, please check out our new collection for April-May 2019 entitled EARTH MUSE that supports the Zero Waste Movement! 

Earth Muse: April-May 2019 Tosca Handcrafted Collection🌿

Beautiful Lana Earrings that are lightweight!🌿

Please follow our IG accounts @toscahandcrafted and @toscahandcraftedshop 🌿

We also have an FB Page: Tosca Handcrafted Please do check it out for more designs! We would love to have you with us in this new exciting journey as Tosca Handcrafted goes Green!🌿

Please stay connected!❤

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