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THE MOST AWAITED ALBUM! #FullOfLoveAlbum #InspirationalOPM

Thank you LORD!

All glory, praises, and honor to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! We dedicate this Album to God. Apart from Him we are nothing and can do nothing. With this Album, we would like to HONOR OUR PARENTS, Papa Rico J., Mama Doris, Nanay Evangeline, and Tatay Rolly. Thank you for loving and providing for us. We love you! And to my Dad, Rico J. Puno who became the Catalyst. He was the one who pushed us to make the Album. Papa, you were used by God to make this album possible. This will also be part of your Legacy. Salamat Papa, you never stopped believing. We love you! We couldn't have done the Album without them! Edward Rosquillo, thank you for taking that initial call and by faith, said yes to an Idea! This idea led to the making of the Full Of Love Album! Rox Puno and Richard Jason De Mesa thank you for being there! Thank you for the support & Encouragement! Rox, excited for our Collab Song! Tabanda AdonisMusic, you have always been Musical Director! Thank you for taking this project and for your commitment in making this Album very beautiful! Blessed by your God-given Talent! Thank you Edward, Rox, Jason, Direk Adonis, Ate Pinky, Ate Ma Cecilia Ramos Barretto, Audrey Lee, Coach Gherns D. Calina, Jan, Third Gonzales, Tito Philip Jamlang, Ms. Loida Salcines Burgos, Ms. Tonet, Dorica Ariosa, Erica Puno Thomas, Trishka Puno-Samonte, Tom and Catherine Roxas-Acero for being there! GOD BLESS all of you! 😊 FULL OF LOVE ALBUM Lordwilling Streaming Soon!!!😍 

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