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You are important and that is why your feedback is precious to us! Your needs come first! ❤

We have clients with super sensitive skin and in as much as they would love to wear accessories, they couldn't wear it for a long period of time. One of our muses told me that ever since she was a child, she already had sensitive skin which was a concern since she loved wearing Fashion Accessories. Some would even have allergic reactions with Gold. We knew we had to look into the matter and determine a practical solution and get more creative!

One of our bestsellers is our line of Clip-On Earrings and we have found a way to make our Kikay Moments more fun and sustainable! 

That is why we are sooo happy to announce and launch, the very first CLOTH EAR PROTECTOR for Clip-On Earrings! A Tosca Handcrafted Fashion Innovation! Published on Feb. 22, 2018!

It is washable, handsewn, sturdy and definitely affordable! Available colors are Fair, Honey, Gray, and Charcoal! Definitely Filipino Made! Thank you for loving Tosca Handcrafted! ❤ ...and we love you! ❤ 

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