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Valleys Into Mountains

As a child, I knew I could carry a tune and believed that the purpose why I had to sing was because my Dad was a famous Singer, the Total Entertainer of the Philippines. People would always ask, "Do you also sing like your Dad?" and I would politely say, "Yes, but nothing beats the original." I would say that not to look down on myself but, because I really admired my Dad as an Artist. As the saying goes, marami pa akong bigas na kakainin. Yes, I loved to sing but unlike my Dad, I was not really sure who I was as an Artist.

I would go on my life with that desire of being a Singer/Songwriter. I often wondered which direction to take musically whether I should go Pop, Country, or Jazz. I slowly began to understand that this cannot be imposed on a person or an Artist. As I went through my journey, God allowed me to process and learn, discover, and wonder. He also allowed me to go through humbling experiences in which I had my dose of heartbreak, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, and pain. There was even a time when I was told right in front of my face, not to go back to singing. Now, looking back at that moment, I would just smile.

Others may try to put you down for whatever reason or motive, but the Lord Himself promotes. He Himself would lift you up. He will fight for you. Believe what God has planned for your life because you can trust in Him. He is Good and Faithful. It is His nature.

By His abounding grace, I was made new and my eyes were opened to what was really important. He made me see who I really was and what I could become. He taught me to move forward. He lovingly showed the way and that He has called me for a higher purpose. I have CHRIST IN ME.

Photo By: Rox Puno Photography

Now I sing as a Worship Leader at Church and write Inspirational Songs. I would sing with my Dad and my brother, Rox Puno at Concerts. Jesus became my Song & Salvation. He enabled me to write songs on Tear Stained Paper. He made me Joyful in the midst of storms. He would fill my mouth with Beautiful Melodies. He made my Valleys into Mountains. His Truth became my Freedom and this brought Peace, Healing, and Restoration.

I shall sing a New Song unto the Lord. This new found Love and Song have made my Dream more purposeful. He made it more meaningful whenever I sing. Always Dream. Always give your best. Always Love. Always Forgive. Always Grow. Always Hope. Always believe that you can do all things through Him Who gives you strength. Always believe in God and that He is able. It all comes full circle, when you fully know your purpose in life and become the person God has designed you to be. All Glory, Honor, and Praises to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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