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Grateful: Tatak Rico J.

Presscon for Tatak Rico J Concert at The Coffee Project. Photo Credits to @akosilolitsolis

Grateful. We are truly grateful to all who have made the Nov. 4, 2017 Presscon for the Tatak Rico J. Show successful. First of all, we want to thank Star Media Entertainment headed by Ms. Anna Puno for spearheading this, and to the Press People who lovingly shared their time and hearts with us. Thankful to Mr. Jun Lalin for being our gracious host at the Presscon. It felt like we were at a Christmas Party! It was definitely Fun and Full of Love! The Love and Respect accumulated all these years could be seen and felt. 

The Presscon for the much awaited Tribute Concert for the Music Icon was held at the Coffee Project at Quezon City. What a beautiful place it was! Great ambiance, great food and of course, great Coffee! Ms. Lolit Solis even recommended the "Kamote" being tasty and healthy. Thank you Ms. Lolit for that and for this wonderful picture. The Press and Mr. Puno were all happy with the Food and Beverages. Thank you Coffee Project! =)

Funny and Cute! Mr. Rico J. Puno was so excited that day that he even called his daughter Tosca around 9am to remind her about the presscon. He texted her, "Rise and Shine, Tosca! It's Presscon Time!" I believe anyone with this kind of God-given opportunity to celebrate 40 years in the Music Industry would respond with such enthusiasm. It was observed that Mr. Puno mentioned about his Family like his Son, Rox Puno who is also a good Singer/Musican and a good Photographer and Tosca who after being a City Councilor for 9 years is now into Songwriting and a Business Woman with her own line of Fashion Accessories called Tosca Handcrafted. 

Rico J. Puno is currently producing her Inspirational Album. He did say that day that he valued Family. People like Rico J. Puno who have reached Stardom, Success, and Longevity in their particular field and have faced great battles in life would know that at the end of the day, the love of your Family makes the journey beautiful and meaningful. It all comes full circle when your Family is there with you to share such precious moments and when God is in the center of it all. 

We truly hope to share this wonderful night with you on the 2nd of December! It will be held at The Theater at Solaire at 8pm. A lot of great stars will serenade us. Dear friend, laugh with us, sing with us, or maybe even cry tears of joy with us, and let this night be a night to remember and be forever in our hearts! =)

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